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Fin De Semana! 5-22-15

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Tex-Mex in the Big Apple? Apparently not going so well. I love a snarky restaurant review.

Active duty soldier survives two tours in Iraq, only to die mysteriously in the El Paso Jail.

Slow West is getting mostly positive reviews. When (if) it plays here I’ll definitely be seeing it. Fun fact: it was written and directed by a member of the Beta Band (from that scene in the movie High Fidelity)

What I’m Listening To

Has anyone heard The Rose of Roscrae yet? I’m curious. It’s a folk opera set in the old west. I collect those. (Yeah, there’s enough of them to collect.) It has a sprawling cast and the story seems interesting.

What I’m Drinking

As far as “cheap beers” go, I’ll always be partial to Coors Banquet Beer. Now it’s in stubby bottles which has absolutely no bearing on the taste whatsoever. There’s nothing like pulling a Coors out of an iced down cooler and drinking it next to a mesquite fire. Or, on your back porch. But seriously, next to the fire is best.


Two Upcoming Westerns

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There’s a couple of Westerns around the corner I’m really looking forward to.

The first is The Salvation, starring Mads Mikkelsen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villain and Eva Green. From what I can tell it’s a revenge plot in a town that looks A TON like Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption. Mikkelsen is supposed to be great in Hannibal, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was born to play a bad hat and Eva Green is a good enough actress that even though her character is mute, she’ll probably be riveting. It’s been released internationally, but I’m trying to save myself from spoilers.

Michael Fassbender is getting good reviews for his role as Silas, the sardonic bounty hunter in Slow West. While I have trouble picturing him in a Western, he’s supposed to be a very Clint Eastwood anti-hero in this. Side note: Slow West was filmed in New Zealand, like all one billion Lord of the Rings movies.