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Fin De Semana! 6-13-14

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Tom Hiddleston (who my wife assures  me is a handsome and charming man,) will be playing Hank Williams in a new bio pic. Hank was previously played by George Hamilton, the very epitome of East Coast prep. I suppose people are mad they can’t get an actual Southern person to play this role. Personally, I think Hank Williams’ songs are more interesting than his life. On that note, where is my Waylon Jennings biopic? That guy freakin’ lived.

In what amounts to pretty much the only time a bachelor party has lead to something good for society, some guys found a massive fossil at a nearby state park.  A mastodon fossil at Elephant Butte. What are the odds?

Wrangler keeps trying to reach out to younger consumers. I kinda wish that instead of sucking up to millenials they’d do something a little closer to what they’re doing in Europe; where they make a big fuss about using American made denim and paying really close attention to craftsmanship. Considering that we’re all addicted to $20 dollar jeans, I’m not holding my breath. (One of the last Wrangler factories in America wasn’t far from where I grew up. It closed a few years ago. I wish “American Made” meant to us what it means to the rest of the world.)

What I’m Listening To


Shinyribs is Kev Russell from the Gourds in what was his side project. Something about his eclectic sound and gently absurdist songwriting always sounds better in summer for me. Much like the Gourds filtered string band music through a funky, East Texas mosquito net, Shinyribs takes bits of soul and classic rock and plays them on a ukelele. Somehow this still manages to sound as rustic and country as….something very rustic and country. Like an old truck that sits on a porch and drinks sweet tea. I dunno. Listen to Shinyribs. His albums are amazing and his live shows are legendary.

What I’m Drinking

True Detective is out on DVD. Seeing posters for it gave me a strong desire to drink cold Lone Star beer and think about the nature of time and evil. Did you know time is a flat circle? So are coasters. Therefore, coasters are time. It’s time to put a beer on a coaster. These thoughts and all the refreshment you can handle are yours if you drink a cold, cold Lone Star on a hot afternoon.