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Fin De Semana! 12-19-14

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Back when West Texas was under the sea. My home turf is ringed by ancient coral reefs.

Jerry Jeff Walker, the larger than life figure who forms a thread that binds generations of Texans. How a New York folkie became a Texas icon is a story I’d really like to see the Coen Brothers tell sometime.

The politics behind a Ralph Lauren ad. The ad has since been taken down, and the company has apologized.

What I’m Listening To

What I’m Listening To

Speaking of Jerry Jeff, here’s a song of his I don’t think gets enough credit for being awesome. Something about the melody just stays with me and the image of a wheel spinning futilely in the air haunts me.

What I’m Drinking

Big Bend Brewing Co. Terlingua Gold Ale- NOW THIS is a hot weather beer. As crisp and refreshing as your average well made Light American Lager with just enough hops bitterness to give it some serious flavor. This is what your Dad’s trusty six pack of Whatever Light would taste like if the people making it gave shit. That perfect amount of tangy hops bitterness makes me think this beer is just dying to be partnered with a bite of a lime, a lick of salt and a shot of tequila. I’m gonna have to make that happen. Preferably this summer.


Fin De Semana! 9-12-14

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A brewery in Indiana gets around a stupid and very specific law by following it to the letter.

Much further West, the hunt for Sasquatch continues, even as hunters question why they’re chasing something everyone says is a myth.

An old article that got passed back around recently. Ralph Lauren’s ranch in Colorado. Say what you want about the man and his clothes, this is pretty similar to what Buffalo Bill Cody’s ranch would look like if he were alive today.

There’s been a lot of unsubstantiated, untrustworthy rumors that ISIS is in Juarez planning an attack on the U.S. Hysteria runs rampant in certain parts of the internet. Ft. Bliss, however, is on high alert. A gruesome murder  in El Paso was rumored to be related to terrorism but looks to be just senseless crime instead. My two cents: if ISIS is in Juarez (and remember, Juarez was supposedly full of Al Qaeda once, and Communists before that) they’re there for business and not to cause trouble in the U.S. An attack on the border would tighten drug smuggling corridors into the U.S. and put a huge dent in profits for the cartels. Put simply, it would be too bad for business.

What I’m Listening To

The Imperial Rooster

Imagine a marching band and an old time band broke down in the high desert of New Mexico and somehow, Tom Waits got involved. There’s polkas about butts and wage slave rebellions and pig forks. It’s all catchy and fun and settles into that sorta rootsy, greasy groove Ray Wylie Hubbard is always laying down. That’s the Imperial Rooster. Straight outta Espanola, New Mexico and fresh from Muddy Roots, The Imperial Rooster plays fun, surreal roots music like no one else. I have to say, they’re also some of the nicest and most fun folks I’ve ever interviewed. All the songs are pay what you want on their bandcamp page. But leave a little somethin’ for them will ya? I bet they’d appreciate the beer money.

What I’m Drinking

Sleepytime Tea because for some reason, I can’t sleep lately. Man, I’m the worst.