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Show Review- Kacey Musgraves at Tricky Falls

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2015-04-21 21.43.08

It’s a hard thing trying to be all things to all people. Especially in Country Music. Especially now. Especially if you’re a woman. Kacey Musgraves finds herself in the same weird position that k.d. lang and Dwight Yoakam did before her. She’s a smart, retro-minded act in a genre that exceedingly prides itself on willful ignorance and distance from it’s past.

Armed with funny, insightful songs and a girlish voice, her show is better suited to an attentive crowd that knows how to listen, and how to follow along with a perfomers whims. This was not that crowd. Country music doesn’t produce that kind of crowd. Folks came to sing along to the songs they knew, and hoot and holler over the talking. Instead of viewing the night as an interaction between performers and audience, they acted like it was a TV show with no screen between them and the performance.

None of which is El Paso, or Kacey’s fault. I blame the mainsteam audience Kacey has to placate. We don’t really need to go into how much the country audience has changed or look at pictures of the trashed stadiums anymore. A George Strait cover and a few bars of “Como La Flor” by Selena were big hits and seemed natural. The Bob Marley cover and the request to put lit cellphones in the air like lighters felt forced. But, again, this is a pretty quirky, singular artist by Nashville standards and telling the crowd how to react emotionally to canned moments seems like a concession to the CMT crowd. Reggae singalong at a country show? Yes, because that’s what country music is now. If it’s the price that Kacey has to pay to stage eccentric shows with neon saguaros and light up Nudie suits, I’m all for it, I guess. She has a fun, self-deprecating way about her that’s likable and stands in contrast to a history of brassy, brash country ladies.

Which isn’t to say that the show wasn’t fun. It was. I had fun and I hope Kacey had fun. I hope she continues to have fun and do the fun, kitschy stuff she likes to do. Country music is better for having her around, and hopefully, she’ll find the niche she needs to to stick around. Lord knows we need her.


Fin De Semana 2-28-15

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Bobby Bones plays terrible misogynistic music on his show, goes out of his way to antagonize female artists like Kacey Musgraves and then does this. He’s got bad ratings in Nashville and probably relies on this sort of drama to get ratings so I guess we’re all feeding this beast by talking about it.

Speaking of Kacey, here’s her new song. 

Still fighting over the Alamo.

Coyotes, the first vanguard in the West’s colonization of the east. Within a century your kids will be saying “y’all” and wearing Tony Lamas. (I kid, I kid.)

What I’m Listening To:

Mayeux and Broussard- High Times and Good Rhymes

I saw these guys a long time ago in the Phoenix Saloon on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. I immediately looked them up as soon as I got back home. They’ve got a sound that sticks with you like good barbecue. And like good barbecue these songs are greasy, smoky, and country as hell. If my Dad had been with me he might have been able to close his eyes and be transported back to Armadillo. These are all top-notch compliments. The new album is High Times and Good Rhymes. It came out this week. Goes good with barbecue. And beer. And lazy afternoons in a good bar.

What I’m Drinking

It’s cold again. I’m the only one not upset about it. I’ve got a crisper drawer full of odd winter beers from all the six packs of stouts, porters, etc. I’ve picked up over the winter. Really gotta do some house cleaning to make room for spring. If it ever gets here.