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Fin De Semana! 2-20-15

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Another day, another fight over land– so it goes in the west.

Billy the Kid’s hideout is for sale. Look cozy.

Facebook is telling Native Americans their names aren’t real. This happened to a friend of mine.

Short video about a guy who digs up old jeans from around the west. Warning: the video is hosted at Playboy.

What I’m Listening To:

George Strait and Asleep at the Wheel doing “South Of The Border” off an upcoming Bob Wills tribute.

What I’m Drinking:

It’s happy hour at Taco Cabana right now. Gonna drink a $1.50 margarita and not care a bit.


Fin De Semana! 6-20-14

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An oral history of the Palomino, the cradle of West Coast country. Really, I don’t know what to say other than to read it.

George Strait’s last concert broke attendance and  box office records. Hunter Jobes has so far been unavailable for comment on this piece of information.

I have my hunches as to why country has never been as popular in England as other American roots music like R&B, Soul, and Blues. Apparently though, that might be changing. 

What I’m Listening To

Kathryn Legendre-Old Soul Kathryn Legendre has a double barreled voice to match her old soul. Whether on a folksy ode to Guy Clark or threatening to love her man, you never feel less than certain that she means every word coming out of her mouth. The words she writes are really good too. Aggressively, unabashedly traditional without sounding dated or winkingly retro, “Old Soul” is packed with honest, no fooling emotion and top notch playing that makes me look forward to her upcoming album. I get most of my leads on what’s new and good by following her recommendations on twitter and she’s never steered me wrong. She’s made it easier to find good music via her new blog, here.

What I’m Drinking

Summer in the desert means that water comes out of the tap hot. So I ain’t even gonna lie. Still on that Lone Star kick because it comes out of the fridge ICE COLD.