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Fin De Semana! 3-20-15

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A treasure trove of portraits from old El Paso.

The decline of Tex-Mex cuisine. I know three different Texas dads who have the Tex Mex centerfold displayed in this article framed in their home.

Suuuuuuuurrrrre buddy…

What I’m Listening To This Week

Doug Sahm and Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove A new documentary about Doug Sahm put me in the mood to listen to him. And really, it’s never a bad time for his blend of rock, country, blues and psychedelia. Joe Nick Patowski, who is the greatest chronicler of Texas Music chose this for his directorial debut. Really, I don’t have words for how excited I am.

What I’m Drinking This Week

Is it Tecate weather yet? Can it be? Please?


Fin De Semana! 8-29-14

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Robert Earl Keen’s Scriptorium seems like a cool place. I’ve heard about his replica of Daniel Plainview’s office for years. I’d kinda like to see a story about that, too. (Hey, I did that without making joke about milkshakes too.)

The lost bridle paths of Beverly Hills. There’s hidden oil wells all over L.A., too.

Longmire was cancelled, despite good ratings. I’ve enjoyed most of the episodes of this show I’ve seen, and some pals of mine are featured extras in a TON of episodes. I get the feeling A&E would much rather concentrate on trashy reality shows about people who don’t really deserve our attention. I go back and forth about the way rural people are presented on Duck Dynasty. I thought Longmire did a good job of representing people in the rural west. Anything is better than folks who misspell things deliberately in an attempt to seem more “country.”

What I’m Listening To


When I hear that someone has a “Spaghetti-Western, Noir-ish, Tex-Mex Country Band” I usually roll my eyes because I’ve seen a million of those bands and they’re almost never any good. They tend to be more inspired by Quentin Tarrantino than, you know, actual music. What makes Crooks so good is that they understand and integrate all their influences so well. The country sounds like country, the Tejano sounds like Tejano, and the spaghetti western sounds like Morricone. It sounds more like the natural outgrowth of some guys who grew up listening to music on the border, which is why I like it. Because I’m a guy who grew up listening to a radio station that would play The Clash, Doug Sahm, and Los Tigres Del Norte in the same set. (Lead singer Josh Mazour is also one of the most consistently well dressed, western-wear wise, guys you’ll see.) THIS BAND GETS ME YOU GUYS NOW BOOK THEM ON A TOUR WITH MORRISSEY AND MAKE MY GROUCHY EL PASO COUNTY SELF SMILE.

What I’m Drinking

This week I’m drinking Carta Blanca because if you live on the border your life is awash in visual reminders of Carta Blanca. Carta Blanca signs are everywhere. I never remember what Carta Blanca tastes like. (It tastes like beer. Imagine drinking a beer that comes in a bottle that just says “Beer” in black type, like in Helvetica or something on a plain white label. It tastes nondescript, but pretty much just like beer. You’re not disappointed but you’re not wowed. This is the Carta Blanca experience.)I just know that it’s hot out and I’ve seen a hundred Carta Blanca signs and I’m drinking one right now as I type and hey, it’s a billion degrees outside and cold beer tastes good.