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Fin De Semana! 5-17-14

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The sexism in bro country is a sword that cuts both ways. To continue the martial metaphor, yet another person takes up arms against it. For what it’s worth, I think the demographic it panders to has a pretty short attention span and oughta tire of it pretty soon. Whether I’m right, or if something worse takes it’s place remains to be seen.

Chipotle, a fast food place I will never, ever eat at because I can get better Mexican food cheaper pretty much anywhere where I live, has askedĀ writers to contribute pieces to put on it’s packaging. Oddly enough, none are Latino. To be fair, most of the passages about food I’ve read by Latino authors are written so well, they’d over shadow anything a fast food place could throw together. (Plus, I think they know better than to ask Dagoberto Gilb what he thinks of their burritos.)

Finally, a happy piece about eating enchiladas in El Paso. L&J Cafe remains one of my favorite places to eat in El Paso.

What I’m Drinking This Week

Shiner White Wing. It’s a White Beer. Orange peel, coriander, the whole bit. I drank one with some barbecue a couple of nights ago. Tangy barbecue sauce + smoky sausage + sweet beer. It was pretty good. I don’t know what else to tell you. It’s hot out and white beers are refreshing in the summer.


I had the pleasure of catching Yuma Wray & Miss Shevaughn last night. They’re great live and just really, really nice folks. Here’s their video.