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Tumblr Tuesday 7-7-15

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Fin De Semana! 7-3-15

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Not a whole lot going on this week, but here’s some quality America Jams for you!

Tumblr Tuesday 6-30-15

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Tumblr Tuesday 6-23-15

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Tumblr Tuesday 6-16-15

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Fin De Semana! 6-12-15

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A Colorado Sheriff’s department is changing their uniform to look less militaristic. This has been experimented with in the past, with middling results.¬†Personally, I like this western-styled uniform. I think it makes a fine middle ground between being approachable and authoritative and it matches the style of the community. I think a lot of the current stormtrooper-ninja uniforms start every encounter off on the wrong foot for both officer and civilian.

The single most country headline you’ll ever read.

Drought might ruin the next jar of salsa or burrito you eat.

What I’m Listening To

Mike and the Moonpies played here Wednesday. Because I enjoy country music I was watching them be awesome and not watching the CMT Awards. They’ve got a new album out soon. Keep an eye out for it.

What I’m Drinking

A protein shake. It’s either work out harder or buy new jeans. My jeans are perfectly broken in right now, so off to the gym I go.

Tumblr Tuesday 6-9-15

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Fin De Semana! 6-5-15

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Back when El Paso was a rough town full of pistoleros and Juarez was calm.

Eh, it’s monsoon season anyway.

Whataburger soldiers through the egg shortage.

What I’m Listening To:

Man, is it good to have Dwight back.

What I’m Drinking

Shiner Light Blonde- It’s the light American lager from Texas’ favorite brewery! It tastes pretty much like “cheap beer!” Sometimes, when it’s really hot, that’s all you want! Listen! Whataburger cut back breakfast, Blue Bell is off the market, I was worried about Shiner! It’s going to be ok! It really is!

Tumblr Tuesday 6-2-15

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Fin De Semana! 5-29-15

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Going to keep it short and sweet this week.

You can help the families displaced by the fire in Marfa here

You can help the people affected by the flooding in Texas here