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Fin De Semana! 8-7-15

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The contents of a wallet lost in WWII and recently returned to it’s owner.

What happened to the U.S. Camel Cavalry?

Quite possibly the least encouraging movie news in a while.

What I’m Listening To:

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats-“S.O.B.”

It starts off with a kinda Speedoo doo wop hum and just when you settle into that Nathaniel explodes into a hearty “Son of a Bitch!” complete with a swinging soul band horn section and towards the end gets to an impassioned gospel sorta vocal breakdown. And then the credits roll and you see that magic logo so many good records from guys like Chuck Berry in days past: Stax Records. Needless to say, I’m really into this song.

What I’m Drinking

San Patricio- The magic combination of Irish Whiskey, Lime Juice and Topo Chico that makes triple digit afternoon hear bearable.


Fin De Semana! 7-10-15

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I’m a finalist to represent El Paso on the Texas Taco Council. Super excited.

Speaking of El Paso, we had a UFO sighting.

On the heels (pun intended) of his talk about Mexico, Donald Trump gets an invitation to learn more about the border.

What I’m Listening To

The new Turnpike Troubadours song, which is a sneak preview of the self-titled album they’ve got coming in September. Find it here. I like the Troubadours because they’ve got an accessible, catchy, and essentially good-natured take on country. This song is no different and I’m really hoping this next album blows up and makes them huge(r). Listen here.

What I’m Drinking

A guest brought a bottle of this to our 4th of July cookout. I don’t normally like IPAs but damned if this one wasn’t smooth and not so hoppy it burned all your taste buds off. I guess they’re only for the 4th, so they might be hard to come by. Since the crisp, clear freshness of the beer is what made it so drinkable, it might be worth waiting until next 4th to pick up a new one. I know I’ll be keeping an eye out.

Fin De Semana! 2-13-15

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Digging up the past at one of Texas’ oldest missions.

Texans and their tie to the land.

Most of us saw this coming. That, is those of us who don’t hold office.

Remembering Waylon Jennings, who passed away on this day.

What I’m Listening To This Week:

J.D. McPherson-Let The Good Times Roll-McPherson makes straight-up, unabashed old-fashioned rock-n-roll like no one else. Taking a more R&B based tack than rockabilly, he breathes new life into one of America’s most vital art forms. Part of this is in the way he approaches what has traditionally been considered a hide-bound genre. Using modern production techniques that owe more to RZA than Sam Phillips, his songs are sneaky. They’re full of little modern ticks that ear doesn’t quite pick up, making everything sound fresh. It isn’t until you listen closely that you realize these aren’t straight up recreations of 50’s rock, but crafty homages. This is a long, fancy way of saying I love this record and I can’t stop listening to it.

What I’m Drinking This Week

Tecate, because it’s in the high 60’s and sunny out right now. We’ve got another cold front moving in, so better drink up and enjoy the sunlight while I can, right?

Fin De Semana! 2-6-15

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We’ve probably reached Peak Marfa.

Can’t wait until the Coen Bros make this into a movie.

A somewhat more sensationalistic look at el Valle de Juarez.

New Mexico’s favorite industry is back in business.

What I’m Listening To:

Dwight Yoakam-Secondhand Heart

Man, I am really glad to see Dwight Yoakam back on a major label and making new music. He’s going out on tour again, and Sam Outlaw is opening for at least one date if you want a great night of California country, that’d be the one to see. Dwight’s always played with form and sound, trying to meld a lot of different things. His newer stuff seems more ragged and rockin’ drawing more on Liverpool than Bakersfield. I’ll take it.

What I’m Drinking

Shiner Birthday Beer. I try to pick up a sixer of these every year. This is certainly one of the most memorable of their birthday beers, a chocolate stout that tastes pretty much exactly like a chocolate cake. This one’s good in small doses, since it’s heavy and rich. Definitely best enjoyed on it’s own or after dinner.

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The Hidden History Of Queer Country Music

New Music From Steve Earle!

Texas Monthly brings us a nice reminder that (gasp!) there’s still a whole lot of Texas west of Marfa.

What I’m Listening To This Week

This week’s #tweetcover theme is John Prine. You should probably go check that out on twitter. It’s good stuff. Those are all still coming together, so in the meantime, here’s one of my favorite Prine tunes.

What I’m Drinking This Week

Shiner Holiday Cheer- I don’t like sweet beers so why do I like this? I dunno. Tastes like peach and pecan pie and malty, malty beer. Really, I don’t know why I like this because it sounds terrible as I type this out, but damned if I don’t pick up a six pack of this every holiday season and enjoy it. Holiday Cheers!

Fin De Semana 10-10-14

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Some cool crowdfunding type stuff. My pal Zach, best known as Rushmore Beekeepers, is on Patreon, where you can commission songs. So is Rodney Hayden who we’ll be talking about in a bit. As broken and dysfunctional as the record industry has become, it seems inevitable folks would find a way to just cut out the labels all together. I’m not sure how the future is going to shake out but I really like this model and think it’s a lot better, basically subscribing to an artist, than waiting for the industry to come up with something close but crappier.

Looks like someone forgot to pay their bribe. Lest we forget, the DEA likes their cut of that action too.

Nick Offerman narrating a western? Count me in!

What I’m Listening To

Rodney Hayden-Cowboy Songs

It’s fall and the weather is perfect for sitting around a mesquite campfire out in the desert. What could be a better soundtrack than the mesquite smoked voice of Rodney Hayden singing a pack of traditional cowboy ballads? Rodney’s got a great voice and a way with these old songs that just fits. He’s also bringing western folk music into the 21st Century by making it widely available in lots of new and innovative ways, like pay-what-want albums and the afore mentioned Patreon account. I was raised on Ian Tyson and Don Edwards records so I’ve got a real soft spot for cowboy folk and this certainly scratches the itch with aplomb.

What I’m Drinking

Santa Fe Brewing Company Java Stout

Coffee and Beer are two of my three favorite beverages. (Bourbon being the third. Combining all three might make my typing a little sloppy.) This combines the two flavors really well, with good, dark hints of coffee and chocolate along with the malty taste of stout. Good and rich and perfect for cooler weather or after dinner in lieu of desert. My neighborhood joint has it on tap, but don’t let that stop you from picking up a very nicely designed sixer.

Fin De Semana! 9-26-14

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Here’s a little common sense calm down article about ISIS on the border.

For readers of a certain age: live action role-playing the Oregon Trail. (Well, maybe just playing some summer camp games with an Oregon Trail theme. I was lucky enough to see this as a kid.

Rattle: A cool new music magazine from some talented folks I know on twitter.

It’s Tom Lea month in El Paso. He’s been a big inspiration to me over the years, and I’m glad we celebrate him every year.

And finally, a brief account of Dennis Hopper’s legendary stint in Taos.

What I’m Listening To:

Sam Outlaw

Sam Outlaw’s songs are catchy, and his videos are great. What more can you ask really? He’s got a great ear for a melody and his songs are as country as you can get. I’ve had these songs stuck in my brain for days and now you will too. You’re welcome. (Also, check out this video set in the high desert of California. This is the same bit of landscape you’ve seen in a billion westerns and even part of Red Dead Redemption.)

What I’m Drinking

Now that it’s officially fall and the temperature has dropped to absolutely, perfectly pleasant outside, I’ve turned to finishing off a bottle of Basil Hayden’s I had left over from the winter. It’s light, slightly sweet and low proof i.e.: good for sipping in the waning light on a night when you just want a little bit of whiskey but you also want to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed for work the next day. This is a great starter bourbon, but if you’re a seasoned drinker, it might leave you feeling a little let down.



Fin De Semana! 8-22-14

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In honor of Santa Fe’s annual Indian Market, here’s a photo set from Dangerous Meta taken at the ’09 Indian Market.

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s grittier memoir is being released in a heavily annotated edition. My Dad often referred to the TV show as “Little Morgue on the Prairie.” Looks like this might be a little closer to his quip.

Enough with the plastic boots from outer space already.

What I’m Listening To This Week

Noel McKay-Is That So Much To Ask

If Noel McKay is good enough for Guy Clark then he’s dang sure good enough for you. His album with Brennen Leigh is one of my recent favorites (the two of them duet on the lead off track from his new solo album above) and this new solo record is no slouch. “Are You Still Takin’ Them Pills” is just pure country heartache. “Ojitos Negros” is by far the best, most authentic ranchera I’ve ever heard from a white guy. It sounds just like a jukebox classic I’d hear at my favorite bar. “One To Run The River With” has a Celtic lilt and lyrics that’ll tug at your heartstrings if you’ve got any. McKay writes killer country songs that to my ear split the difference between all three Flatlanders. That’s not a compliment I’d give lightly. Go get this record.

What I’m Drinking This Week

Indio is supposed to be a Mexican version of an oktoberfest style beer. It’s not as strong as that, but it is a fine brew for knocking back with some snacks. Malty and slightly sweet, this went really well with some fresh roasted green chile (it’s chile roasting time!) on a corn tortilla. It seemed a little more still than most Mexican beers, which certainly helps with it’s quaffability. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter than a Shiner, or maybe just a change from Negro Modelo, you could do a lot worse than Indio.

Fin De Semana! 6-27-14

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A teen on the Navajo Reservation (one of the most drop dead gorgeous places on earth) has invented an oven that runs off the one thing New Mexico has a TON of: the sun. Meanwhile, the wildfire sweeping the reservation is mostly contained for now.

Wildfires are a huge problem every summer out here in the west. This week leading up to Independence Day is always a good time to go over some basic fire prevention tips.  

On that note, a little trivia; only one person in the history of the U.S. has ever been successfully prosecuted by the Feds for starting a wildfire. His name: Johnny Cash.

Finally, something near and dear to me: regional burrito styles. Of course, the Juarense/El Paso style burrito is my favorite. It’s also allegedly the original burrito from which all other burritos sprung.

What I’m Listening To

This week I’m listening to Western FM, which is an internet radio station started up by Rodney Hayden as a home of sorts for his great podcast. It focuses on cowboy music and poetry without ever getting too cute or faux-folksy (fauxlksy?)  What it really sounds like is riding shotgun in my Dad’s truck. Who doesn’t like that? The iPhone app is free, although it hasn’t “officially” launched yet.

What I’m Drinking


I stashed away a couple of  these from the last Shiner Family Reunion 12 pack I bought. The fruit of the prickly pear, a tuna in Spanish, has a sweet, medicinal taste, almost like cough syrup. It’s brewed in lager style beer that is corn sweet (like High Life or any other American beer made with corn) but not overbearingly so. Surprisingly, it works by balancing out all the sweet syrupy flavors with some hoppiness. I thought it would be a train wreck or an amusing novelty at best but I actually enjoyed drinking this more than, say…Ruby Redbird, which is made with Grapefruit. I’m biased towards liking this because I’m a fan of all things prickly pear, but if you can find one of these, it’s worth trying.

Fin De Semana! 6-20-14

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An oral history of the Palomino, the cradle of West Coast country. Really, I don’t know what to say other than to read it.

George Strait’s last concert broke attendance and  box office records. Hunter Jobes has so far been unavailable for comment on this piece of information.

I have my hunches as to why country has never been as popular in England as other American roots music like R&B, Soul, and Blues. Apparently though, that might be changing. 

What I’m Listening To

Kathryn Legendre-Old Soul Kathryn Legendre has a double barreled voice to match her old soul. Whether on a folksy ode to Guy Clark or threatening to love her man, you never feel less than certain that she means every word coming out of her mouth. The words she writes are really good too. Aggressively, unabashedly traditional without sounding dated or winkingly retro, “Old Soul” is packed with honest, no fooling emotion and top notch playing that makes me look forward to her upcoming album. I get most of my leads on what’s new and good by following her recommendations on twitter and she’s never steered me wrong. She’s made it easier to find good music via her new blog, here.

What I’m Drinking

Summer in the desert means that water comes out of the tap hot. So I ain’t even gonna lie. Still on that Lone Star kick because it comes out of the fridge ICE COLD.