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Wow, that was a long break.

When I started this blog, I did it so I’d have something to write everyday because I had a non-writing job and I wanted something to practice at. Eventually, I got a writing job, which required a move and somewhere in there I let a brief hiatus turn into two years. Yeah, I’m as confused by that as you are.

Anyway, I’m back and now that I write all day everyday at work, updates may not be on a weekly schedule, but I’ll add stuff here and there. I’m also not going to be concentrating so much on how not to look out of place at a rodeo but things will still stay in the realm of southwestern style and culture stuff I’ve been doing. There are plenty of blogs about how to tuck in a shirt.

So, if you were ever wondering if this thing would ever start up again, thanks for sticking around. If you just found me recently, welcome!



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