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Two Upcoming Westerns

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There’s a couple of Westerns around the corner I’m really looking forward to.

The first is The Salvation, starring Mads Mikkelsen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villain and Eva Green. From what I can tell it’s a revenge plot in a town that looks A TON like Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption. Mikkelsen is supposed to be great in Hannibal, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was born to play a bad hat and Eva Green is a good enough actress that even though her character is mute, she’ll probably be riveting. It’s been released internationally, but I’m trying to save myself from spoilers.

Michael Fassbender is getting good reviews for his role as Silas, the sardonic bounty hunter in Slow West. While I have trouble picturing him in a Western, he’s supposed to be a very Clint Eastwood anti-hero in this. Side note: Slow West was filmed in New Zealand, like all one billion Lord of the Rings movies.


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