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Fin De Semana! 12-19-14

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Back when West Texas was under the sea. My home turf is ringed by ancient coral reefs.

Jerry Jeff Walker, the larger than life figure who forms a thread that binds generations of Texans. How a New York folkie became a Texas icon is a story I’d really like to see the Coen Brothers tell sometime.

The politics behind a Ralph Lauren ad. The ad has since been taken down, and the company has apologized.

What I’m Listening To

What I’m Listening To

Speaking of Jerry Jeff, here’s a song of his I don’t think gets enough credit for being awesome. Something about the melody just stays with me and the image of a wheel spinning futilely in the air haunts me.

What I’m Drinking

Big Bend Brewing Co. Terlingua Gold Ale- NOW THIS is a hot weather beer. As crisp and refreshing as your average well made Light American Lager with just enough hops bitterness to give it some serious flavor. This is what your Dad’s trusty six pack of Whatever Light would taste like if the people making it gave shit. That perfect amount of tangy hops bitterness makes me think this beer is just dying to be partnered with a bite of a lime, a lick of salt and a shot of tequila. I’m gonna have to make that happen. Preferably this summer.


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  1. This brings back a lot of memories for a guy who grew up in 1970’s Texas and shares parts of JJW’s real and made-up names.

    I first saw him at some joint in Corpus Christi. Alas, the show was cut short because, well, he’d drunk too much courage and fell off the stage. I’ve seen him numerous times since then, and I don’t recall him falling again. That could be because I’d fallen before him.

    In any event, “Rolling Wheel” is one of his lost classics. “Stony” is another favorite of mine. Both are great examples of an artist who cut his own trail.


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