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Fin De Semana! 11-14-14

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Cold fronts have moved in all over. Instead of cooking up a pot of chili, why not try posole? Posole is just as spicy, warm and comforting but way more interesting texturally. It’s also a traditional New Years food in New Mexico. Let it be your introduction to the wonder that is menudo.

Prison rodeo. What else can you say except prison rodeo. An interesting read.

One of my favorite bands is now the subject of a book. Fitting for the Flatlanders, who were always “more a legend than a band.”

What I’m Listening To This Week

This week’s #tweetcover theme is Lyle Lovett. Who doesn’t like Lyle Lovett? Anyway, find the covers on twitter under the #tweetcover hashtag. Here’s Jeromy Hooper’s cover of one of my faves, “Family Reserve”

What I’m Drinking This Week

It’s finally good and cold enough to enjoy some Maker’s Mark. It’s smooth as all get out and smells like heaven’s candy shop. The ultimate standby bourbon. Totally worth putting on a sweater and sipping on the back porch.



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