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Fin De Semana! 10-24-14

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Not a whole lot going on this week. Started a great new job and we’re moving. I’ve been commuting an hour each way everyday, so posts have been and will be a little more sporadic for the next couple of weeks.

What I’m Listening To

FullSizeRender (2)

Larry Hooper, Jeromy Hooper, Shane Walker, Mike Ethan Messick and probably some I’m missing are covering classic TV themes today. Fun stuff for sure, but they’re not being played for laughs. If you ever wanted to hear some soulful, rootsy takes on the intros to your favorite sitcoms, here’s your chance. I look forward to more fun #tweetcover stuff in the coming weeks.

(Also follow @chelshoop on twitter because she’s funny and a good photographer.)

What I’m Drinking

My wife brought home a pizza from the fancy place, so I’m drinking whatever cheapish red wine I have sitting around with it. Anyone got a rec for a good, cheap DRY red wine? Drop me a comment!


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