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I can tell by your hat….

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I’ll be writing more in the near future about hats, picking a good one, and taking care of it. I’ve been watching “Hell On Wheels” and while the third season is better by almost every metric imaginable, there’s this:


Cullen Bohannon in something from the truck stop on the edge of town. But he’s not the only offender.


All the hats in westerns lately suck. These are just oversized fedoras with a pinch front crease almost no one wears outside of movies. The poor Lone Ranger can’t even get a good crease for his brim. Which brings me, I guess, to my big point. These:


are many things. But they are not cowboy hats. 



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  1. Like visiting a saddlemaker for belts, go to a proper westernwear shop for hats.
    I know that sounds odd, but unlike saddlemakers, very few towns have a real hat shop.
    Look for a steamer for shaping, look for head shape measuring tools.
    Do NOT go into some store that sells all types of hats, they sell bad fedoras to tourists.
    If you want a fedora, you probably deserve a good one.
    If you want a western hat, and it fits properly, you’ll wear it so much it looks like the bad examples. It will also cost a penny more than you expect.
    Hats like heads are not all the same shape. Oblong heads should not try wearing round hats, uncomfortable and leaves a line on your forehead.

    Or next time you are traveling, leave time in a town with a good hat shop.
    North Phoenix has AZTEX. Off the shelf or custom from felt blanks.
    Denver has Sheplers for off-the-shelf.

    my 2 centavos

    • Good hat shops are hard to find, that’s true. We used to have a few in the area. Lately, I’ve been taking my stuff to a local farm and ranch store because they’ve got some really knowledgable people there who have a lot of experience with hats.


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