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Fin De Semana! 8-15-14

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An oft repeated fact that’s always fun to mention: tumbleweeds aren’t western, but eastern. 

This man is collecting the world’s vinyl for a very interesting project. (I’m hoping he excludes all the Mitch Miller and Enoch Light records that junk up the world’s record bins.)

A case of police brutality that’s a little closer to home.

A little national notoriety for the El Paso Chihuahuas.

What I’m Listening To This Week 



Couch Down the Hall.mp4 from maggiesfavorite on Vimeo.

Mark Kirkland-For Your aMUSEment

Mark is fun discovery from last year’s Couch By Couchwest, a dad from Tuscaloosa that likes to party and listen to Widespread Panic. His new album balances choogling rock with slyer, more insinuating songs for devilishly easy to listen mix that calls to mind the best of the south and classic acts like The Faces. I’m hoping to hear more from him next CXCW. Until then, you can catch up with him on twitter, where he’s throwing shout outs to all the #GoodPeople or at his music page.

What I’m Drinking

Hot tea. It’s been rainy half the day, bright and sunny the other half for the last week. It’s got my allergies all screwed up. All the fun of a summer cold, but with the bonus of being juuuuuuuust well enough to go to work.


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