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Fin De Semana! 8-8-14

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Huh. Before Bobby Flay and Chili’s made the whole thing in to a joke, it looks like southwestern cuisine was a real thing.

Wiz Khalifa followed in the footsteps of Johnny Cash, and got busted in El Paso with drugs. It’s ok Wiz, I had warrants in El Paso too. (Mine were for tickets though.)(They put your name in the paper once a year if you haven’t taken care of them too.)

How do you keep people in the far future away from the radioactive messes we’re burying across the southwest today? Turns out, there’s lot of ideas but maybe not any good ones.

What I’m Listening To

Mike Ethan Messick

Mike Ethan Messick writes songs you wish you could drive. That’s clumsy, but stick with me. You know how truck commercials always talk about how rugged, All-American and durable their trucks are? Like that. Just good, solid songs about real life that’ll get stuck in your head. In particular I like “Oldsmobile” and “Teaspoon Full Of Gravel.” Everyone says they sound like Robert Earl Keen, but Messick has the wry lyrics and anthemic sound to his songs that actually makes that true.

What I’m Drinking This Week

Dr. Peppers my wife forgot in the back of the fridge. They’re half frozen and they tickle your throat when you drink them. It almost hurts, but in a good way.


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