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Square Toe or No?

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I notice there’s a lot of strong opinions whenever someone brings up square toed boots. People either seem to think they’re alright or the douchiest, worst thing ever.

I see some regionalism to this too. Southerners tend to hate the square toe, while people out West tend not to. (This is just my informal observation.) Personally, I don’t mind it. I have a couple of pairs of square toed boots and they’re comfortable. I can’t hook my foot under a door stop with square toed boots but I don’t do that much anyway. There’s a good point about narrower toes being easier to get into a stirrup but I’ve not had that problem either. For me it comes down to a pretty simple criteria: My feet are a bit long for my frame and they’re a normal width. Roper and square toes look better on my feet than pointier toes. Those J-toe boots up top make me look like Ali Baba.

The argument against square toes that get’s bandied about the most is that the R and J toes seen above are “classic.” The square toe might actually be more classic, based on boots I’ve seen from the 19th century but also the 40’s and 50’s.

I’m curious to see what readers think. Regardless of you come down on square toed boots, I doubt very few of you will be sporting botas picudas like these:


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  1. ..right now I have R, snip, and roper (I know, I know) and I think a major plus is, the square and roper toed boots are real versatile. Jeans and a nice jacket, you’re going out to dinner..jeans and a t-shirt, looks okay for bbq and informal outings.
    What ya gotta be cautious of is the snip toe. One bad call with your t-shirt, a can of axe, and snip toe boots and you’ll look like..well, “all boots and no horse”

    • I’ve got one of everything but that J toe and I agree with you completely. I mostly wear the R toe boots to places like church or weddings and leave the roper toe and square toe for everyday stuff. I’ve seen some really fancy square toe boots but it’s too much of a hodgepodge, a really casual design with really formal details.

  2. Not that you know me or care, but I pick toes to go with the whole boot.
    Js and snips do seem to be on all my dress boots though.
    I wore R’s on my Llama Buckaroos.
    But material matters.
    You can pull a calfskin into a J toe, but a thicker bullhide won’t make the snappy edge needed to make it look right.
    Shark usually R toes, but I have a pair of stingray in snips.
    All depends on the look.
    For our wedding my wife gave me a pair of Js in black stingray with 3.5 inch heels, had a heck of a time getting tux pants to fit. Jeans were easier.

    • I do that too, because I’ve seen some pretty horrible boots where they tried to do the wrong thing with the wrong leather. I think some toes go better with different clothes. Narrow, pointier toes tend to go better with suits and the like. I’ll be doing a longer post about boots later in the month.

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  4. Square toe is the way to go come down to south
    Texas and square toes sell about 80% of what a western
    Wear store sells I wear them for everything

  5. I have looked closely at the boots Gary Cooper wore in his westerns from the 30’s to early 50’s and they are mostly elegant high heeled narrow square toed boots. They are not the modern “Snip toe” which has a an angled outward face but his had a straight up vertical face on the square front of the toe. Easily seen in the movie, The Cowboy and the Lady, 1938.


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