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The Cowboy Boot of the Future?

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Designs change. Functional aspects are kept while superfluous details are cast off, and one would hope, over time, a piece of utilitarian clothing would get whittled down to the perfect balance between form and function.

The noble cowboy boot has stayed relatively the same since the late 19th century. Cosmetic features, like toe shapes or decorations on the shaft might change; rubber soles and fancy insoles might be more prevalent today, but for the most part, the boots aren’t terribly different from what you would have worn in 1898 or whenever.

Enter Ariat, with their new Catalyst VX, which is supposed to be a space age boot made for high performance. It looks pretty close to a motorcycle boot.  Is the world ready for high-tech cowboy boots? I mean, sure this thing is meant for competitive sports and similar scenarios, but if that’s the case, why not wear nylon jumpsuits and plastic body armor like dirt bike racers? Is this an innovation or just a redo of the tenny lama?

Fox Racing and Hurley are popular brands with rodeo riders, so maybe the dirt bike things not too far off. The question I have is the same question that arises with all things western: How far is too far and how much tradition is too much? I’m curious to see if this ends up being a novelty or something that sticks around. For my part though, I’ll stay with something less rubberized and neon.



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