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Fin De Semana! 7-25-14

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This article about cowboy churches serves as a good reminder that cowboy culture, in many ways, was born from church. (Specifically missions in Mexico and what would become the US.)  In a long, roundabout way (would a cowboy go any other way?) it’s come back home.

A very different archaeological dig for a very different sort of artifact: the search for copies of the worst video game ever made in the New Mexico desert.

What I’m Listening To

Falling Stars by Jacob Furr

Building on a Phil Spector-ish tom beat and a brooding melody from one of Dwight Yoakam or Gary Allan’s more expansive ballads, Jacob Furr pushes this song into a spiky, angular burst of guitars not unlike something off a Sparta record. Is that a lot of music references for one blurb? Yeah. But this song has been on repeat around here for the last two weeks. This is right up a lot of VERY specific alleys for me and I can’t wait for his upcoming album ‘Traces and Trails.”

What I’m Drinking

12 packs of Tecate were on sale for $9.99, 18 packs for $13.99. My wife talked me into the 18 pack, because it was 6 more cans for 3 more bucks. Fellas, that’s what you call “a keeper.”




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