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Fin de Semana! 6-6-14

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The real title for this article should be “Guy Who Built Career Ripping Off Gram Parsons And The Grateful Dead Mad Someone Improved His Song.”

If you like westerns that get weird, you could do a lot worse than the items on this list.

Speaking of lists, Art Of Manliness has their best Westerns list. I think it’s pretty good, although I’ve never particularly enjoyed The Magnificent Seven.

Texas Monthly proving something I said a while back: building a wardrobe of classic styles means your old pictures never look silly.

What I’m Listening To:

Jeremy Steding-My All American Dream

Jeremy Steding plays “vintage inspired Texas music.” What that means is catchy, anthemic songs that sound kinda old and brand new all at the same time. His albums all sound a little different from each other, not because he’s screwing around, but because you can tell he’s chasing this sound in his head and trying to synthesize all these things he likes into Jeremy Steding’s thing. There’s a progression there, and growth. If his newest record isn’t damned close to what he’s after, I don’t know what is. If you like accessible (that’s not a bad word, btw), catchy country ala the Turnpike Troubadours or some of Dwight Yoakam’s more inspired moments, you’d like My All-American Dream. He played a couple hours north of here at the Capitol Bar in Socorro, NM. The more I listen the more I wish I had made it up there.

What I’m Drinking

Water. It was 107 here this week. I’m drinking water because it’s the only thing that doesn’t immediately leave a terrible aftertaste and nasty feeling in your mouth when it’s 107 out. Pee clear you guys.


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