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Fin De Semana! 5-30-14

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The History Channel is making a mini-series about the founding of Texas. I’m curious to see how it works out, but so far they haven’t cast a Juan Seguin, which makes me wonder if he’s even in it. Hopefully they’ll resist the urge to have Bill Paxton as Sam Houston survey the smoldering ruins of The Alamo and sadly mutter “Game Over, Man…Game Over.”

The alarming billboards that appeared in El Paso were the work of an activist, something noted by my friend Zach; he noticed a similarity between the El Paso billboards and some billboards that Occupy had vandalized in Las Vegas.

This is a pretty good article about one of my favorite movies, a western about westerns. It’s riotously entertaining.

A few weeks ago, I talked about making San Patricios with Topo Chico. Here’s another drink that uses that wonderful bubbly water. I’m not much for clear liquors so I’ll probably just stick to pouring Jameson in mine.

What I’m Listening To

Larry Hooper writes songs. He also writes funny tweets. I think he’s pretty good at both of these things. I especially like listening to him in the summer, on my porch, where folky songs sound best. I’ve been listening to him a lot lately to get pumped up for his upcoming ep. In the meantime, I’m going to buy a coozie from him

What I’m Drinking

San Patricios, like the recidivist tippler I am.


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