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Fin De Semana! 4-25-14

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Yeah, Taco Bell, no.

It would be a shame if this really were the last Marfa Lights Festival. What are Marfa lights? A bonafide mystery of the desert, that’s what.

What I’m listening to this weekend:

imgres imgres-1


John Edward Baumann’s two new singles, dropped in anticipation of his next album. “Below the River” sounds like the sort of mellow, country-rockin’ tune Steve Earle used to put on his records in between the loud songs. “Gulf Moon” is a breezy tune, perfect for warm summer afternoons, not so much a character sketch as a location sketch. Or a song about about a location where some sketchy characters might be hanging out. Either way, these have me anxious for the whole album, which is dropping soon.

What I’m drinking this weekend:



Tecate. I’m drinking Tecate. The sun is out, the temperature is in the low 80’s. It’s nice weather for drinking a beer on the back porch with my dogs. If it’s hot and I’m talking about drinking a beer, it’s probably a Tecate. They’re cheap, easy going beers. Plus, that eagle looks pretty cool.




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