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Fin De Semana! 4-18-14

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Winter has begrudgingly left us. Sort of. An axe like this would make splitting firewood so much faster. And it’s so mesmerizing to watch.

Even if you don’t care much about old blues records, this is still a fascinating read about culture, history, and the strange ways we rediscover the past.


What I’m listening to this week:

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Doug Strahan‘s “Coal Black Dreams and Late Night Schemes” takes an affecting, shaky Gary Stewart voice and uses it to animate the sort of midnight black tales you’d expect from a lifelong veteran of honky-tonks. The best part of this album, for me, is the way every 70’s guitar effect you thought was cheesy gets used and updated in a way that seems, and sounds, perfect.

I’ve never listened to Randy Rogers Band much, besides the couple of singles they had that were pretty inescapable on country radio. Their live album sounds like the perfect introduction to a hard working, tight band with some killer songs. Slick without being shallow, Randy Rogers and his eponymous band slay a crowd of true believers, and in the process, made another one.

What I’m Drinking this weekend:

This drink seems pretty popular with my twitter friends. There’s not an official name for it but I think this drink should be called a “San Patricio” after the Irish soldiers who fought for Mexico in the Mexican War. It’s simple and refreshing. Mix a one to two ratio of Jameson to Topo Chico in a tall glass with ice (we’re all adults here, I’m not going to tell you how much whiskey you’re going to drink.) Squeeze some lime in it. Good to go. I like to use the lime flavored Topo Chico, but either way tastes just as fresh.



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