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Wow, that was a long break.

When I started this blog, I did it so I’d have something to write everyday because I had a non-writing job and I wanted something to practice at. Eventually, I got a writing job, which required a move and somewhere in there I let a brief hiatus turn into two years. Yeah, I’m as confused by that as you are.

Anyway, I’m back and now that I write all day everyday at work, updates may not be on a weekly schedule, but I’ll add stuff here and there. I’m also not going to be concentrating so much on how not to look out of place at a rodeo but things will still stay in the realm of southwestern style and culture stuff I’ve been doing. There are plenty of blogs about how to tuck in a shirt.

So, if you were ever wondering if this thing would ever start up again, thanks for sticking around. If you just found me recently, welcome!



Tumblr Tuesday 8-25-15

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Tumblr Tuesday 8-18-15

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Fin De Semana! 8-7-15

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The contents of a wallet lost in WWII and recently returned to it’s owner.

What happened to the U.S. Camel Cavalry?

Quite possibly the least encouraging movie news in a while.

What I’m Listening To:

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats-“S.O.B.”

It starts off with a kinda Speedoo doo wop hum and just when you settle into that Nathaniel explodes into a hearty “Son of a Bitch!” complete with a swinging soul band horn section and towards the end gets to an impassioned gospel sorta vocal breakdown. And then the credits roll and you see that magic logo so many good records from guys like Chuck Berry in days past: Stax Records. Needless to say, I’m really into this song.

What I’m Drinking

San Patricio- The magic combination of Irish Whiskey, Lime Juice and Topo Chico that makes triple digit afternoon hear bearable.

Tumblr Tuesday 8-4-15

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Tumblr Tuesday 7-28-15

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Fin De Semana! 7-24-15

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Hard to believe that in the 21st Century we’re still doing this. Shame on you, John McCain.

Something I’ve been curious about: How the Iran deal might affect one of Texas’ signature industries.

With U.S.-Cuba relations normalizing, New Mexico would like to get their hands on a fugitive who has been living on the island.

What I’m Listening To/Drinking

Trying to dig up this Country/Exotica record from Biller and Horton for drinking mojitos on the back porch tonight with my wife. Have a good weekend!